Desmagnetizadores y destructores de medios

Did you know that data from hard drives, USBs, printers, scanners and other devices can be recovered if not securely deleted?

Did you know that the new update to ISO 27001:2022 includes information security management that ensures the correct security processes are implemented when disposing of IT assets and data?

What do we do with data that we no longer use or that is no longer relevant to our work?

How much time does IT need to spend to permanently and securely remove sensitive information from company drives, USBs, and more?

Data is the most valuable asset of the digital age. Data that may become insignificant to us can be very important to others, including cybercriminals.

The destruction of data and the secure disposal of media is the only definitive guarantee of an adequate cybersecurity policy. Secure deletion of “media media” is a security compliance requirement under GDPR and all major data protection regulations.

Solutecsa, a leading provider of cybersecurity services and technologies in the Republic of Panama, is an authorized distributor of ProDevice products, for the destruction of sensitive information on your equipment before being discarded or donated.

We can offer the widest range of professional data destruction and endpoint physical destruction products and services, to ensure compliance with all mandates with the highest level of security.

Data destruction is also data security.

ProDevice Degaussers

ProDevice demagnetizers are the most modern equipment in the world designed for data removal from magnetic media. They have been designed based on the experience of ProDevice engineers, using the best components and innovative technologies protected by patents.

How does a demagnetizer work?

The degaussers comply with the most stringent standards and guidelines regarding data deletion with regard to security. Its great effectiveness and efficiency is largely due to the electromagnetic field (in the case of the ASM240 model it is a power greater than 20,000 gauss) emitted by the equipment. It is worth highlighting that no other demagnetizer available on the market is capable of achieving such high magnetic field induction parameters. Thanks to this, all records made on the magnetic layer of the disk or tape are completely eliminated, since the data paths are completely erased during the demagnetization process.

Hard drive demagnetizer

All models of our equipment: the ASM120 demagnetizer (professional version) and the ASM240 demagnetizer have the innovative PPMS (Pre-Paid Management System) technology on a global scale, which allows them to work in prepaid mode. It is a very convenient solution for institutions or companies that only want to rent a demagnetizer, without having to buy it.

Demagnetizers are very easy to use: they work automatically and their operation does not require the possession of licenses or special training. Deleting data from media takes only 30 seconds.

The compact size of the degaussers and their impeccable design allow these devices to be integrated into any office, even if they are very small spaces. As optional equipment, a briefcase is also offered for the equipment, allowing it to be transported comfortably and safely between different places.

We guarantee time savings and efficiency: you can remove data from the media in just 30 seconds.

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