Biometrics and two-step authentication

Working from home has become a necessity to keep employees safe. This same reality runs the risk of exposing data and sensitive material to unauthorized persons.

That is why at SOLUTECSA we offer a work-from-home solution that uses dual biometric authentication for secure remote access to applications and documents (two-step authentication). In this way, it can be restricted exclusively to the intended and authorized recipient. In fact, we completely eliminated the use and sharing of passwords.

All you have to do is use the desktop app to log in and a QR code will be generated.

Scan the code with your smartphone app and get verified safely.

Get a one-time password to authenticate the user registration and you’re done! . Begin!

Eliminate unauthorized screen viewing as you receive notifications to provide granted access for your entire work session, ensuring exclusive access only for authorized users.

So no more illicit login violations!
With our solutions, get a perpetual user ID and secure connection to the entire organizational system.

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