Work From Home has become the new reality in order to keep employees safe. This same reality risks exposure of data and sensitive material to unauthorized persons.

Which is why at SOLUTECSA we offer a Work-at-Home biometric two step authenticacion solution which utilizes dual biometric authentication for secure remote access to applications and documents, restricted exclusively to the intended & authorized recipient!
In fact, we completely eliminate the use and exchange of any passwords.

All you have to do is use the desktop app to sign in and a QR code will be generated.

Scan the code using your smartphone app and securely verify yourself.

Get a one-time password for authenticating user registration and you’re good to go! . Get started!

Eliminate unauthorized screen viewing as you get notifications to provide granted access for your entire work session, assuring exclusive access to authorized user only.
So no more illicit login breaches!

With SOLUTECSA Work-at-Home solutions get Perpetual user identification and secure connection to the entire organizational system.