Quotes, orders, delivery orders, invoices, resumes, service orders,DocuWare etc. Is the mountain of documents taller than you? The important documents are there, somewhere. If only you could find them when you really need them, without wasting time. Relying on paper documents, coupled with the huge costs and inefficiencies inherent in buying, using and storing paper, is inefficient, not to mention the environmental implications.

A more appropriate strategy: focus on the information, not the medium, and allow DocuWare to automate the entire process of capturing, organizing, accessing, viewing, collaborating, updating, integrating and customizing that information. DocuWare is state-of-the-art document management software for professional business content management.

By being able to access the valuable information in documents, where and when you need it, you can streamline your business practices. DocuWare automatically archives documents based on criteria you set, regardless of source or format. This means that you can archive, share and manage documents, both paper and electronic, such as correspondence, records, emails, Word documents, Excel, Powerpoint, music including videos, from a central document filing cabinet. DocuWare meets all the requirements for integration into an existing IT environment, and is compliant with the standards and procedures of business and office systems. Some of the advantages of Docuware are:

DOCUMENT IMPORT: If you already have information stored on your computers or servers, Docuware will be able to store this information automatically in a matter of minutes.

ORGANIZED AND SAFE STORAGE: Divide the different documents using various search indexes to make it easier for you to find this document in the future. Also, generate special rules and permissions depending on the user, what they can see and what not.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT: In the workflows, you will know at all times when a document is in due process.

DOCUMENT SEARCH: 100% intuitive interface that makes it easy to find any document.

WORKFLOW: Automate complicated business processes. You will save up to 80% of the time you currently spend on approvals.

MOBILE ACCESS: Access to documents from your Tablet or Cell phone. We can integrate natively with third-party applications such as Outlook, read existing databases, even program the system so that it knows exactly where and how to store certain information, automatically. And this is less than half of what Docuware can do for you.

The implementation and use of a document management system can create some concern that it is something new in your company, but do not worry.

At SOLUTECSA we have experienced people certified in the use of DocuWare, able to help you in various ways to make it easy for you, and your company to enjoy all the advantages of document digitization as soon as possible, handled by DocuWare.

DocuWare stores all company documents in a central filing cabinet and complies with all legal regulations. All authorized employees, whether in Marketing, Sales, Production or Administration, can access them instantly using their browser of choice from any device. Integration into third-party applications is an easy task. Business processes are optimized and your ability to compete is increased. 

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