Linux is one of the fastest growing, stable, fastest and best of all operating systems with no license fees. We have extensive experience in the installation of networks, intranets and extranets using Linux as an operating system, to implement multiple services within your company, such as mail server, firewall and file sharing server, among others. For the company that does not want to acquire new equipment, we can condition the existing ones and turn them into inexpensive workstations or servers and thus enjoy the advantages that this operating system offers.Linux

EMAIL SERVER: We offer Linux-based mail servers; Using programs like qmail, sendmail or postfix, we can create powerful POP or IMAP mail servers, totally adapted to the needs of your company. The mail servers include Webmail and mail management through an easy-to-use web interface.

CONSULTING: Every company must make the most of the computing resources it has, taking advantage of the technology that is within its reach. However, it is not an easy task to keep up to date, it requires staff training and investment in computer tools. We recommend to our clients the most profitable alternatives for their projects based on an optimal growth plan that leads them to be at the forefront in the use of this type of technology. We have the experience and ability to make an accurate diagnosis of the current state of your company and its future requirements, and from this recommend a variety of solutions for your information management needs and plan the growth of your IT infrastructure. To guarantee the quality of this service, our work team is in permanent contact with professionals and technicians around the world, exchanging knowledge and keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies in the computing universe.

RESOURCE SERVER: A Linux server can be used as a resource server, to share files and any other resource between the users of the network. The computers that connect to the server can be on Windows, or Apple, and will still be able to communicate with the server. Permission rules and restrictions are implemented per user, and a complex resource sharing system can be easily created. That’s what the network is for.

WEB SERVER: Apache web server or the one of your preference, with MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl, etc, so you can have a complete server for your website or intranet.

NETWORK SECURITY, POLICIES AND COMPUTER SECURITY SYSTEMS: Information has always been one of the most valuable assets for companies; for this reason it is also the main victim of attacks by people who try to commit crimes against these companies. Protecting yourself against theft or leakage of information is not a matter of “putting keywords on computers.” The solution is to set security policies supported by specialized technology. We carry out an analysis of your information, the way it is distributed, classifying it and identifying the critical points where there may be leaks. In this way, the handling and storage procedures are established to prevent criminals from having access to the company’s critical information using various existing security techniques. Installation of software and hardware necessary to avoid possible attacks by unscrupulous users, especially through the Internet in accordance with international computer security standards. Using Linux, powerful firewalls can be built, based on rules adapted to each client and situation. It also distributes the internet within a network, acting as a router.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT AND PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE FOR LINUX: We offer technical support by call and also preventive maintenance, which includes periodic visits to check that everything is working well, and thus prevent problems that may arise due to lack of updates, etc. By implementing in your company all the products that SOLUTECSA offers you, you obtain the most complete information system that you can find in the market, at the best price.

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