Built for VMware vSphere, NAKIVO Backup & Replication offers comprehensive data protection for vCenter-managed, standalone, and ESXi workloads.

With enterprise-grade functionality, the software solution provides efficient backups and ensures your virtual machines, applications and data are recovered in minutes.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication meets all the requirements of today’s agile IT infrastructures by simplifying vSphere data protection, improving VM backup performance, and ensuring data recovery.

NAKIVO Backup & Replication provides application-aware, image-based incremental backup and replication. Store backups locally, on tape, or in the cloud (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi).

You can easily schedule jobs using the calendar panel in the product’s web interface and save up to 4,000 recovery points for each backup, rotating them using a GFS retention policy. You can also protect your VMs and EC2 instances more efficiently by leveraging changed block tracking (for VMware), resilient change tracking (for Hyper-V), or changed region tracking (for Nutanix), data transfer without LAN and network acceleration.

Why Nakivo?

Consistent image-based backup
Perform consistent backups based on VMware VM images. This means that the entire VM is captured during the backup, including all configuration and disk files. This also ensures that data in applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, and SharePoint, remains transactionally consistent and ready for recovery.

Incremental backup
All VMware VM backup jobs use VMware Change Block Tracking (CBT) to quickly identify changed blocks of data. Only those changes (increments) are copied to the backup repository, resulting in faster and smaller backups.

Instant granular recovery
Instantly recover files and application objects you need when you need them. Whatever the scenario, you get fast, flexible agentless granular restores without having to first recover an entire virtual machine.

Instant VM Recovery
For tighter RTOs, use Flash VM Boot to boot your VM from a backup, either for recovery or sandbox testing. You do not need to run a full VMware VM recovery if you need to quickly restore a workload.

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