The best way to secure your company’s data against attacks by viruses, malware, ransomware, hackers or electronic equipment failures is by making continuous backups.

When looking for the right backup solutions for your business, you must first understand the three main types of protection found in backup solutions today:

  1. A “full” backup will copy entire blocks of all selected data and will be the backup that will consume the most time and storage.
  2. An “incremental backup” will copy only the data that has changed since the last INCREMENTAL backup and will be the backup that consumes the least time and storage. After full backup recovery, each incremental restore from the last must be performed in succession to recover the last point in time.
  3. A “differential” backup resembles a working incremental backup, but differs in that it copies all changes since the last FULL backup, resulting in a backup that is smaller than the FULL backup but larger than INCREMENTAL backup. After full backup recovery, you only need to restore from the last differential to recover the last point in time.

Here are three backup options that we handle at SOLUTECSA: Veeam, Nakivo, Solubackup