Document digitalization

Document DigitizationDocument digitization is the process of converting your company’s documentation to digital format. SOLUTECSA offers the document digitization service in Panama, which includes the provision of equipment, personnel and consumables required to execute the document digitization service.

HOW DO WE WORK? We have many years of experience digitizing, and more than 7 million pages digitized, this is the way we work:

UNDERSTANDING YOUR COMPANY We meet with the project actors to understand your company needs and how to approach the transition from paper to paper-less.

WE DIAGNOSE YOUR NEEDS Through the gathering of information, a diagnosis or recommendation adapted to the reality of the client is carried out, in order to dimension the project.

WE PRESENT A PROPOSAL TO YOUR COMPANY In it, different digitization scenarios and strategies appropriate to the company’s objective and its situation are proposed, always seeking to provide options that ensure business continuity. Digitization can be carried out at your facility, or at ours.

WE START THE PROCESS If you decide to work with us (thank you!), the project is started taking into consideration the previous survey and the client’s needs.

PROJECT MONITORING Customer control and monitoring is used, in order to consolidate a continuous digitization methodology and in turn, strengthen the documentary culture. Our staff have been selected based on their alphabetic, numeric and alphanumeric digitizing capabilities and many other skills that frame them with excellent professionals in the fields of document organization, scanning, and indexing. 



The digitalization service of your documents includes:


At SOLUTECSA we have the latest generation equipment to meet your expectations. Scanners capable of handling high volumes and high speeds top the list of equipment we use for these projects.


Elimination of staples, envelopes, and any other type of element, also carrying out the classification of the material. We guarantee that the physical documentation that you provide us is returned in exactly the same state in which we received it or better, depending on the case.


Obtaining the digital image of the physical document. We will carry out the required quality controls according to the client’s parameters.


The documents need an identification so that they can then be uniquely located by the user; This information is assigned after the digitization process through a data insertion activity. This will obey which fields the client wants to be able to access in the future.


Together with our service we offer the SOLUBACKUP system that will take care of daily backups while the digitization is being carried out. This will guarantee that if something unforeseen happens, your data will always be safe in an alternate location in the cloud.


All digitization project will always be led by personnel trained by the factory for this purpose. We offer our service in an «outsourcing» and Special Projects mode, adjusting to the needs of our clients with regard to the place and hours of digitization.


With SOLUTECSA as your technical ally, your company will gain security, agility and competitiveness, recovering space in your facilities and reducing costs in time and personnel.



Office hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


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12th Floor, Balboa Avenue.

Panamá, República de Panamá.

SOLUTECSA +507 209 4997