Digital certificates

A digital certificate is an electronic “password” that enables a person or organization to exchange data securely over the Internet using public key infrastructure (PKI). The digital certificate is also known as a public key certificate or identity certificate. A digital certificate is used to encrypt online data / information communications between an end user’s browser and a website. After verifying that a company owns a website, the certificate authority will sign its certificate so that Internet browsers trust it. It is through digital certificates that encryption can be achieved on web pages and that they work in https (when a lock appears in the browser’s address bar): https SOLUTECSA HTTPS secures the connection to the website you are visiting. Look at the address bar in the browser and look for the lock icon on the left side. Is the padlock closed? then the connection is secure. Is it open or is there another type of icon or message? then it is probably not safe and vulnerable to attack. Using a site over an insecure connection means that hackers / criminals could intercept the data you submit to the site, such as your password and email address. Having a website with a digital certificate also prevents Google from penalizing your website as “Insecure”, as well as in the Google Chrome browser. Digital certificates are typically issued by a certificate authority (CA), which is a trusted third-party entity that issues digital certificates for use by other parties. There are many third-party commercial certificate authorities from which you can purchase a digital certificate, for example Digicert, Thawte, Comodo. We can generate the digital certificate for your domain or subdomain, process it with a CA, install and configure it. 

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